CHAWK & Marot VIP launch

CHAWK & Marot VIP Launch 

On 4th March

at 7pm - 9pm

Since 2019, CHAWK has been working with famed augmented reality artist and former head of Island Records, Marc Marot. Their artwork quite literally comes to life life when you point your phone or tablet at it.

CHAWK is one of the only portrait painters in the world that uses a technique called 'verre eglomise', known to be notoriously difficult. Few people in the world have managed to adopt this method due to its difficult execution; it is a phenomenon rarely seen in portrait painting.

CHAWK & Marot hope to redefine the future of portrait painting through their fully immersive pieces. The pair are ultimately seeking to change the way we consume art.

Download the free Artivive app to your phone now and free the evening up to see these fully immersive paintings start to come to life.

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